D-Day to Berlin 5 – New Videos

D-Day to Berlin 5 – New Videos

D-Day to Berlin CoverI have started redoing my videos to reflect the new version of the rules. 

I know I don’t like watching really long game videos so I have kept most of the videos down to 3 to 4 minutes.

I am doing these using screen capture technology and Vassal.org software. 


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Play D-Day to Berlin with Me

Play D-Day to Berlin with Me

I am using Vassal.org to play remote miniature board games with players.  I have modified the Vassal game for Peter Pigs “Poor Bloody Infantry” for its map and counters. 

To play the game you will need to install the free version of TeamViewer on your computer (www.teamviewer.us).

We will then schedule a game period of an hour and you will then loginto my game computer via TeamViewer and we will play what is actually a boardgame of D-Day to Berlin.

Sound like fun?  If so e-mail me at sentry1212 at dayofbattle dot com.  Please copy this into your e-mail program and fix the at and dot.  Put “Playtest” in the subject header.

I look forward to gaming with you 🙂

D-Day to Berlin


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