Medbury Miniatures – more Ghostly Gaul’s
All available in 28mm, 40mm and 54mm

Medbury POD Designs have just released three new sets interesting Gaul miniatures.

These are labeled as “Ghostly Gaul’s but on close examination they could easily be painted up as human and not ghostly miniatures.

The King set is very cool and offers four new command miniatures including a banner and king.

On a serious note, if there can be such a thing when discussing fantasy games I am including this quote from the

The Oathbreakers, also known as the Dead Men of Dunharrow, were a Pre-Númenórean people, originally settling in the White Mountains who were cursed by Isildur to not find rest until they fulfilled their oath of allegiance to Isildur and to fight against Sauron.

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These specter’s finally were rallied to Aragon and arrived in time to help with the Siege of Minas Tirith.  The rest is history as they say 🙂

Note these would make excellent Dark Age British for the Normans to deal with in 1066 or perhaps even the Romans in their invasion of England.

Ghostly Gaul’s King and Command

Ghostly Gaul’s King and Command

Ghostly Gaul’s Cavalry

Ghostly Gaul’s Cavalry

Ghostly Gaul’s Archers

Ghostly Gaul Archers

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