Medbury Norman Knights
All available in 28mm, 40mm and 54mm

Medbury POD Designs have just released three new sets of amazing Norman Knights.

There are two variations with spears and one with swords.

The spear versions are printed with open hands for those (like myself) that use metal spears.

I have opted to show multiple images of each as the straight on picture doesn’t do them full justice.

Note these would make excellent Rider of Rohan miniatures as well.

Battle Masters

For those of you that follow my activity here I have finished my fantasy Battle Master armies for the battle of Five Armies and ran two games at a recent “Total Con” in Mass..

I have modified the rules quite a bit and my next project will be based on the great Charlton Heston movie “The Warlord“.

The story behind the movie is a bit far fetched but then what isn’t.  The Keep he commands is set upon by the local peasants and “Frisians” who are supposed to be Vikings.

“Droit du seigneur”

All this after he exercises the rights of the local lord “Droit du seigneur” to the first night in bed with a married virgin woman.

Hmm, but to me it was an amazing movie.

I will do these forces as usual in “epic scale” or 40mm for those of you not familiar with Games Workshop scales 🙂

Norman Knights With Spears 1

Norman Knights With Spears 1

Norman Knights With Spears 2

Norman Knights With Spears 2

Norman Knights with Swords

Norman Knights With Swords


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