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I found a great article on The Miniatures Page for any body interested in the American Revolution.

“General Nathaniel Greene in his victorious campaigns in the Carolina’s was fortunate in his major subordinates, who taken as a group and individually, are a fascinating selection of officers-infantry, artillery, and cavalry. They were as talented a group of commanders in any army during the period.

Otho Holland Williams

Williams began his service in 1775 in the Frederick City rifle corps. When the Virginia and Maryland rifle companies were formed into a rifle regiment, Williams was promoted to major and later became the unit’s commander. He was seriously wounded and captured when Fort Washington was taken in November 1776. He was exchanged in time for the battle of Monmouth. Sent south in April 1780 with de Kalb’s command, he distinguished himself at Camden and commanded a brigade of Maryland Continentals at Guilford Courthouse, Hobkirk’s Hill, and Eutaw Springs and particularly distinguished himself at the latter, leading an attack that shattered the British line along with the Virginia Continental Brigade. His most notable achievement, however, was in command of the rear guard of Greene’s army in the retreat to the Dan River. He screened the rear of the army, never allowing the British to overtake either the main body or the rear guard, and never became decisively engaged. His operations were expertly done, and much of the credit for the successful retreat to and crossing into Virginia belongs to Williams and his Continentals.”


Nathanael Greene

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This is a recent book published in 2010 and is now in paperback.  I have the hardcover version that I bout when it first came out.  It is a dry read and includes his early years growing up but I still found the part on the war of great interest.

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