New Medbury Dark Age Miniatures for July

All these miniatures are available in 28mm, 40mm and 54mm scales.

From Wikipedia

The Germanic Iron Age is divided into the Early Germanic Iron Age (EGIA) and the Late Germanic Iron Age (LGIA). It is particularly for Sweden that the late Germanic iron age spanning between 550–800 is called the “Vendel era”. In Norway and Finland it is more common to refer to the period as the Merovingian Age, while the Danish refer to it as the Younger Germanic Iron Age.

Dark Ages – Vendel Era Death Of King Ongentheow

Dark Ages – Vendel Era Beowulf and King Hygelac

Dark Ages – Vendel Era Huscarls At Rest

Dark Ages – Vendel Era Horn Blower

Dark Ages – Vendel Era Huscarls With Dane Axe

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