Chris' Painting Table

Chris’ Painting Table

Well as those of you that have not unsubscribed from my Blog (THANK YOU) you will know that I have dived deeply into 3D Printing.  I really enjoy it and the products are awesome.  At first I will admit it took up all my spare time not just my hobby time.  It has been about 2 months now and things are running fine and my spare hobby time has returned.

Like a lot of my life, my painting table is quite a mess, but like most messy people I know where almost everything is so don’t touch it:)

I usually have 2 or 3 different units being painted at the same time.  All are in different stages of completion.  I find that as messy as I am, I am good at time management.  To be productive it is important to have at least a new unit ready to start as one finishes.  That means cleaned, primed and mounted on painting sticks or bottle caps.

Sharpies Are Your Friend

I have come to love gold, red and silver Sharpies.  You can find these most anywhere so no link needed.  I use them for bayonets, helmut’s, gold braid etc.  They work as good as their equivalent in paint and are so much easier to apply.  I wish I could find the same format in white.  That would be awesome for troublesome straps.  If anybody knows of any in white please drop me a note.


Black sharpies

When I got my first printer (I know have 4) I decided I liked the miniatures so much that I would gradually replace all my painted metals with plastics.  So far I have completed my Austrian 40mm army and half of my 40mm Prussian army.  I will have a booth at Fall In so will plan on selling my metal 40mm collections there.

40mm Prussian Infantry

40mm Prussian Infantry

Another new project is 28mm Nappies.  Yes for those that really know me I am not a Nappies person.  However my good friend the Gamepoet is getting into them in a big way with the new release of Sam Mustafa’s  “Lasalle“.  So I agreed to do Brits for the Peninsula.  So far I have 2 units of 4 bases done.  Each base has 4 miniatures.

28mm Brits for Lasalle

28mm Brits for Lasalle

1066 And All That

A few years ago I sold my 25mm Norman Army.  Yes you read correct 25mm.  That is because it was pretty much made up of the old 25mm MiniFig lines.  I loved those troops for decades but they getting old looking and, well some cash right then was a big help.

So with my 3D printer and a great line of Normans from Medway Miniatures I started printing and painting up a new 28mm army.  You can see some examples of the command unit in the last post.

So far I have completed 3 mounted Norman knights and two spear units.  Not a bad start.

Norman Knights for Day of Battle

Norman Knights for Day of Battle

Game Project Update

I have been a little slow on the game writing end of things though given the popularity of my niche games it doesn’t really matter.  I think I am like most authors, we do it for our selves and if somebody else enjoys them great.

D-Day to Berlin has a new scenario coming out called The Colmar Pocket.  It started off as an e-mail from a friend and fellow DDtB gamer who sent me what he had done.  I had my graphic artist do up a new map and tweaked the units after looking over the history of it.  It is really done just needs some tweaking.  I feel that as I didn’t actually write the whole thing I am going to make it a free download for anybody that wants it.  I will put it in the store so I can capture interested persons e-mail for my Blog and then it will automatically be available for download to them.

Knighthood Play test

Knighthood is a new game I am working on using an old title of mine.  It is a 12″ square based game based loosely on Peter Pigs Square bashing games and D-Day to Berlin.  I am going to include Middle Earth in this game as I have a great line of Orcs and other baddies I am now printing and they look stunning.  I plan on painting up some fantasy armies myself.

LOTR Fantasy Orcs

LOTR Fantasy Orcs

I am also working on a Vassal of this game so I can play test it on my desktop just like I did with DDtB.

That’s it for now.  If you made it to the end thanks and I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.


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