By Mark Urban

The hidden truth about the war – Amazon Link

The author of this amazing book showed a lot knowledge and learning in the book which makes the book a must read for all those who crave for the in depth knowledge about the revolution of America from the Britain in 1774. The author, even though an American related the war from the British point of view which is very uncommon among most historians of the American Revolution.

Fusilier Mark Urban

Fusilier Mark Urban

Contrary to what has been the thinking of many people that the British lost the war because they were out fought the author believes that the British lost the war because they were outnumbered.

Another thing that is very interesting about the book is that the author pays close attention and gives a fantastic full account of the British military for the war. He talks about the recruitment process of the British. He talks about the different kinds of equipment they are equipped with as well as the rigorous training they went through in full detail.

There have been a good number of books from different authors all about the British in the American Revolutionary War but few of them however have been able to come up with a day-to-day analysis of the war. What most of other books touch briefly, this book exceeded the limits in explanation and the narration. It’s indeed going to be a great addition to your library because of its wealth of information about the war.

The book is extremely well-written and an to read.

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