New Norman Knights

Plastic Norman Knights

I just finished up 12 Norman knights and sergeants.  These are put out by Conquest Games.

Conquest games Miniatures

This package comes with 15 mounted knights.  This isn’t a formal review but I had pro’s and con’s regarding this set.  First off it is nice getting 15 knights for the cost of 12 as in other sets.  Once opening the box though I discovered one of the miniatures is a casualty.  Now I don’t know about you but I don’t really have a need for a lot of cavalry casualties on my table top.  Also 14 miniatures don’t fit in my army O.O.B. and I doubt if they will for any others.  I think most gamers use their miniatures in groups of 6 or at least divided into 3’s.

Also I didn’t like the saddles.  They were part of the rider and very poorly molded into his lower body, with very poor detail.

I did like how they assembled.  The horse was part of the body so no seam there when assembling.  The figures themselves are very nice and though I have a few things I mentioned above I would still buy these.

This purchase was destined for my Day of Battle armies but once I painted them i decided to march them off to my Lion Rampant army.  I base these using the new basing scheme that Lion rampant uses and you will see this when you look at the pictures.  I have decided to adopt this basing method for my Light Bobs troops and I can press my Lion rampant troops into my Day of Battle armies when needed.




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